War on Global Warming?

December 30, 2007

Morris Kent Thompson for CongressFlorida District 19                                                                        2000 Election 

Transmitted via fax # 1-202-456-2461


July 7, 2007


President George W. Bush

The White House


Re: The War on Global Warming.


Dear Mr. President:


            I realize you are keenly aware of the global warming issue and are working feverously to implement a strategy to mitigate its harmful effects. To help combat the harmful effects of global warming there are three possible courses of action that have been bantered around for the last 40 years, Nuclear Power, Wind Power, and Solar Power.

            The objections to Nuclear power are multi faceted, which center around the attempt to denuclearize the world, and just as importantly waste disposal. Wind power has run up against concern over the noise factors. Solar power is the most promising and will have the least negative side effects, if any. And I must say it is far less costly.

            Solar power is most interesting as it uses the suns rays to generate power through collectors. These collectors can be mounted on commercial building roofs, and single family homes with decorative tiles that blend into the existing roof design, which makes them aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, the reduction in cost to the consumer frees up disposable income to be used to buy needed goods and services, which is part of the cash to cash cycle. Or more eloquently stated by Milton Freidman “the velocity of cash” that puts cash into the hands of the consumer, as compared to Keynesian economics, trickle down, which has proven a dismal disaster.

 Now, you ask how do we pay for this?

            Let me begin with a very simple scenario, as all complex problems are truly quit simple if one uses the best interest requirement. First, all government facilitates (State and Federal), such as office buildings, street lighting, etc. should be converted to Solar Power.

            Second, existing residential and commercial units should be converted under this same program over a reasonable period, say 30 years. This can be accomplished by requiring that upon the refinance or sale of an existing property it must be brought up to code, with the reality that the cost of converting will be paid for by the reduction in existing electric power bills.

            Third, the Congress should pass legislation requiring Solar Power in all new construction and building codes.

            Fourth, the cost can be partially borne by Environmental Bonds; let’s say 4.5% tax free bonds.

            Fifth, each State should be responsible for ensuring the county tax assessors include another line item on the real estate tax bill for “The War ON Global Warming”. Hence, we have also eliminated a vast waste of government money in setting up a needless system or beauracracy to facilitate such needless administrative costs.

            Sixth, as units come off line a charge should be imposed on the Real Estate Tax Bill to pay for the ongoing repair and maintenance of such systems and to service the debt. By law these funds should be paid into a sinking fund to pay for the bonds at some predetermined future date, let’s say over 50 years. Most importantly the Congress should put forth legislation to preclude the pilfering of these sinking funds by the government, which has been a problem in the past. Quit simply, this is a play on tax incentive financing that the government mistakenly believes it created.

 Advantages to the War On Global Warming

            First, the United States has fired the first shot against the War on Global Warming.

            Second, we have significantly reduced the demand for an already overburdened and outdated power grid, and the excessive cost required to modernize it. Such funds can be used more effectively for social programs or to pay down the debt.

            Third, we have eliminated the need for another blotted beauracracy and the cost to maintain it.

            Forth, given the dismal state of the economy and job growth, we have created the demand for millions of workers nationwide for manufacturing, transportation, design, supervision, installation, and the needed ongoing R&M to maintain solar panels and battery systems.

            Fifth, we have created new business ventures to dismantle and recycle existing telephone poles, aluminum, copper, and steel wires into viable products. I can only guestimate the trillions of dollars hanging from telephone poles nationwide.

            Our existing power grid is mainly comprised of 1800’s technology and it is time to move forward into the 21st century.

Sixth, solar power has been proven to be quite adequate in providing all such needs. Hence, in any future negotiations with countries attempting to implement Nuclear Power one but has to ask, WHY? Then ask them to join us in the War on Global Warming by installing Solar Power to facilitate such needs.

            This strategy will allow America to regain its leadership role by; first, setting the precedent for the World. Second, reducing the harmful effects of carbons in the atmosphere. Third, it is paid for by reducing the cost to the consumer, which also frees up disposable income that will assist in kick starting a stagnant economy, with no additional tax revenues. Additionally, this strategy eliminates the need for Nuclear and Coal Power, which appears to be a major issue with certain countries at a time when we should be eliminating the Nuclear Threat and waste.

            Technology is and will continue to render entire industries extinct, and such technology was brought about by a need, and as we can see, a need to save mother earth and its inhabitants. Are you going to lead the charge on Global Warming?





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December 30, 2007

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